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Kindness Stories

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Compassionate storytelling reinforces kindness behavior and evokes the feelings of gratitude, thereby allowing the heart to open. These stories of generosity reduce tension and stress, imbibe optimistic outlook about the future, ignite happiness, promote confidence, build human connection, reinforce our faith in humanity, and help us to recognize the relentless generosities of Spirit in our lives.   

 The following stories are excerpts from the book, You Can Never Go Wrong by Being Kind—An anthology on the transformative potential of kindness & compassion. They are FREE for you to read and share a link with friends.  If you would like to get your own copy of the book or a specific story, you can make a small donation to Support Kindness and download a digital format of the book or any of the stories.  The second edition of You Can Never Go Wrong by Being Kind contains 53 stories.

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