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Our Mission

Support Kindness is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our mission is to promote love, peace and spiritual awareness; and encourage support to redress humanitarian crisis around the world.

As part of our mission, we also teach people how to cultivate inner peace through meditation, because it is very difficult to establish peace on earth if we do not cultivate peace in our own lives.

Our Top Humanitarian Initiatives

Support Kindness raises public awareness about global humanitarian crisis, including refugees, people with disabilities, victims of domestic violence, underprivileged children,  homeless individuals, and communities in need or facing a crisis. Our organization collaborates with other charities to help address these tragic issues.  Our aim is to help alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity. We believe that if kindness is globally accepted and applied, everyone will benefit.

The Reason Support Kindness Exists

“The vast array of problems and conflicts that we encounter on earth is the result of human preoccupation with self-interest. The reason Support Kindness exists is to train and inspire people to consistently extend their interests beyond self.”

— Dr. Zeal Okogeri Founder, Support Kindness, Inc.

Learn a Mantra Meditation to Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety 

Mantra meditation is effective in calming the mind and reducing anxiety and stress. We offer the light and sound current meditation, which involves repetiting the sacred sound, HU (pronounced “hue”). HU has been practiced by people around the world for thousands of years. Many people find that using this mantra brings inner peace, calmness, increases self-awareness and helps to cultivate love and compassion. HU can be practiced by anyone regardless of their age or background. Like all meditation practices, consistency is key to reaping the many benefits of this mantra. It is ideal to chant the HU mantra for twenty minutes, twice per day, upon arising from sleep and before going to bed at night. However, if you’re new to using the HU, you can start by chanting for just 5 or 10 minutes, and gradually increasing the duration as you become comfortable with the exercise. 

Movement Meditation

The practice of movement meditation has been around for thousands of years in a variety of forms, including Yoga, an ancient Hindu movement meditation, and Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese martial arts practice that promotes serenity through gentle movements.

The movement meditation that we offer is known as Happiness Meditation, a mindfulness meditation practice.  The benefits of Happiness meditation are many, including deeper concentration, increased intuition, stress reduction, improved balance, improved mood, increased energy,  and improved left-right brain synchronization.

You Can Never Go Wrong By Being Kind: Inspiring Stories of Kindness & Generosity

This book contains inspiring stories by authors from around the globe, who have united to share their personal experiences with the transformative potential of kindness.

You Can Never Go Wrong By Being Kind