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Become a Volunteer

Volunteers Are Love in Motion!

Volunteer involvement is a vital component of Support Kindness. We are grateful for any time you can provide, and we do not require a minimum number of hours to volunteer. We are looking for people who are genuinely passionate about uplifting others through the power of kindness and compassion.

We offer virtual volunteer opportunities. This means that you can work from home in any part of the world and fit volunteering into your schedule.

Shop at Support Kindness Online Store

At Support Kindness, we take a holistic approach to fundraising, incorporating a variety of revenue streams to supplement grants and donations, and this includes operating an online store.

Our store is filled with beautiful, branded gift items to brighten anyone’s day. One way you can support our organization is by buying a gift in our shop to make someone happy, especially during the holidays. We look forward to brightening someone’s day on your behalf.

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Donate Your Vehicle

You can donate a vehicle you no longer need, get a tax-write-off, and at the same time help support the programs and humanitarian initiatives of Support Kindness. Donating your car is a free service to you, made easy by our partner CARS, and a great way to help others in need. 

What We Accept

CARS is a partner with Support Kindness. We can accept vehicles in almost any condition, in all 50 states, whether they can be driven or not. We accept many types of vehicle donations, including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, boats, motorcycles, RVs, snowmobiles, jet skis, heavy equipment, farm equipment, tractors and more.

    • CARS will pick up your vehicle at a time that works for you, at no cost to you.
    • CARS will send you a tax receipt and acknowledgement for your generous donation.
    • CARS will sell your vehicle and send the proceeds to Support Kindness.

    Donate Your Vehicle Today →

Raise funds for Our Charity on GoFundMe

Make a Difference

People around the world are raising money for what they are passionate about.  Invite your friends and family to join spread kindness and uplift humanity.  Make a difference, start today to fundraise on behalf of Support Kindness. The funds you raise will be safely and automatically delivered to Support Kindness nonprofit organization. We are grateful for your support.

Become a Volunteer Brand Ambassador

Spread the Word about the Mission

If you identify with the mission of Support Kindness, the next step is to consider becoming a volunteer brand ambassador for Support Kindness. As an ambassador, you will spread the word about the mission of Support Kindness to your family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, church members, and others. This can be done through your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, Medium, Tiktok, etc.) You can also spread the word at work, school, church, and other social gatherings. The volunteer ambassador encourages others to get involved in spreading the word and in fundraising activities. The brand ambassador’s role is important as it helps Support Kindness reach new people.

Support Kindness welcomes volunteer brand ambassadors from all over the world. We will provide you with links and promotional materials to share with your audience on social media. The world needs more kindness and compassion now than ever before, just watch the news or read the newspapers! Our goal is not to solve all the world’s problems but to do what we can to help. Even if we can uplift or help just a few people, we have succeeded. With your help, we can certainly help more people.

Planned Giving

Create a Legacy Donation Plan

You can leave money in your will for Support Kindness. You can also have the flexibility to change your will if circumstances change in your life. This type of gift to Support Kindness in your will or living trust helps ensure that our organization will continue its mission for years to come. It’s easy to designate Support Kindness as a beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan or other financial account, such as IRA, Life Insurance, or Annuity.

You can also make a gift of Real Estate, removing a large taxable asset from your estate and benefiting by receiving an income tax deduction equal to the appraised fair market value of the property, with no capital gains tax due on transfer. 

If you have any questions about leaving a beneficiary designation gift to us, please contact us. We would be happy to assist you.

Before deciding about your legacy plan, please consult with your tax advisor, lawyer, or an estate planning specialist.

Help Your Employees Give

Matching Gift Programs

Corporations across the country recognize the value of their employee’s donations to charities and offer matching gift programs to further increase the value of their donations. Promote your matching gift program and offer a payroll deduction option for employees to contribute to Support Kindness. Receive valuable tax deductions, boost employee morale, promote team building, strengthen your company’s image, and receive exposure through our website, all our social media sites, and newsletter.

How to Partner with Support Kindness

    • Give or sponsor one of our programs or humanitarian initiatives: Make a generous donation and help Support Kindness transform lives locally and in parts of the world you didn’t know existed. Corporate donors receive valuable tax deductions, goodwill, and exposure through our website, all our social media sites, newsletter, and the media.
    • Marketing: Invite your customers to support the programs and humanitarian initiatives of Support Kindness, and in so doing, strengthen your company’s image.
    • Invite Us: Invite representatives of Support Kindness to come to your business to speak to your employees about our programs and humanitarian initiatives and share ways to get involved.
    • Corporate Fundraising: Start a fundraising campaign for Support Kindness and ask your vendors and business neighbors to join or share your campaign.

Become a Corporate or Foundation Partner

The success of Support Kindness depends on sustainable relationships not only with the public, but also with corporations and foundations throughout the world. Generous financial support of Corporate and Foundation partners helps our organization make measurable impact in its educational and humanitarian efforts worldwide.

Donations and sponsorships offer valuable corporate tax deductions, public recognition of the business’s connection with our charity’s mission, which may help businesses attract new customers and bolster the company’s reputation and brand awareness. Sponsoring companies receives free publicity on our website, social media, and newsletters, enjoys an increase in SEO reach, expands its networking opportunities, and improved employee morale for supporting a charity.

Are you interested in becoming a corporate or foundation partner? Please use the link below to tell us more about your company, and someone from our team will respond within 72 hours during the business week.

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