With the growing popularity of meditation around the world, the practice of meditation as a daily exercise is no longer reserved for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. It has now become a mainstream activity because of the many reported benefits of meditation, including: reducing stress, calming anxiety, increasing focus, amplifying self-esteem, expanding inner strength, and maximizing resiliency.

Our Meditation and Satsang classes offer a path to calm

Join us for our Meditation and Satsang class, a community gathering focused on enhancing your meditation practice and exploring spiritual teachings.

The class starts off by giving a short introduction to the practice and why it is done. You will be gently guided into a comfortable seated position, either on cushions or chairs, enabling you to find a posture that promotes both relaxation and attentiveness. The instructor will guide you through various meditation techniques to cultivate inner stillness.

Once the meditation segment concludes, the session smoothly transitions into Satsang, a term derived from Sanskrit that signifies seeking truth together.  Your guide will provide enlightening perspectives, stories, and quotes from a variety of spiritual sources, to spark curiosity and introspection. The practice of Satsang fosters an environment where people can freely engage in honest conversations and share their own unique experiences and reflections.  Participating in this session can yield a variety of benefits, such as reducing stress; improving self-awareness; sharpening mental clarity; cultivating love, kindness, compassion and happiness; letting go of fear, anger, and resentment; building emotional resiliency and inner strength; and fostering a stronger bond with oneself and others. The session will conclude with a short meditation and expressions of gratitude for the opportunity for our gathering. Both beginners and experienced practitioners can participate.

Our live classes are held in Honolulu, Hawaii.  However, online classes are also available.

Our Programs offer a Path to Calm.

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Meet our teacher, Dr. Zeal Okogeri

Zeal is an author and speaker in the field of self-development. His books include, Relentless Generosities of Spirit: an Inspiring Journey of Soul’s Awakening; Journey to Freedom: the Power of Resilience; and his most recent title, You Can Never Go Wrong By Being Kind: an anthology on the transformative potential of kindness and compassion.  He practices and teaches silent meditation, mantra meditation, and movement meditation. Trained by talented and revered teachers from around the world, he inspires wisdom and awareness through compassionate storytelling. In addition to leading ongoing training on personal growth, Zeal leads retreats to Tibet, Nepal, India, and other countries.

Meditation on the Inner Light & Sound

Group and individual training Available.

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