With the growing popularity of meditation around the world, the practice of meditation as a daily exercise is no longer reserved for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. It has now become a mainstream activity because of the many reported benefits of meditation, including: reducing stress, calming anxiety, increasing focus, amplifying self-esteem, expanding inner strength, and maximizing resiliency.

Mantra Meditation: 

The Light & Sound Current

Mantra meditation is effective in calming the mind and boosting awareness. The Light & Sound Current meditation involves the repetition of the sacred sound HU (pronounced “hue”). HU has been practiced by people around the world for thousands of years. Many people find that using this mantra brings inner peace, reduces stress, increases self-awareness and helps to cultivate love and compassion.  HU can be practiced by anyone regardless of their age, background, or beliefs. Like all meditation practices, consistency is key to reaping the many benefits of this mantra.  It is ideal to chant the HU mantra for twenty minutes, twice per day, upon arising from sleep and before going to bed at night.

Dr. Zeal Okogeri, 

Dr. Zeal Okogeri is an author of books on personal development and spirituality, including his most recent title, You Can Never Go Wrong By Being Kind—an anthology on the transformative potential of kindness and compassion.  He practices and teaches silent meditation, mantra meditation, and movement meditation. Trained by revered spiritual teachers from around the world, he inspires wisdom and awareness through compassionate storytelling. In addition to leading ongoing training on personal growth and meditation, Zeal also leads meditation retreats to Tibet, Nepal, and India.

Meditation on the Inner Light & Sound

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